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Purchasing a property is often the biggest step people will take in their life.

The borrower's responsibility is to make repayments on the borrowed loan amount on or, before the due time. Late payment or defaulting on mortgage will have a devastating and lasting impact on your credit worthiness.

Have you ever thought, "What would happen if I lost my ability to repay the mortgage such as terminal illness, living with a disease, an accident, lost my job?"

We offer a loan protection plan insurance that will cover all these issues.

Business Meeting


At Austvina Finance our services are at no cost to our clients.

We can meet you in our offices or, at a place that is convenient for you ... just contact us for an appointment.

Our Brokers are well informed and will have your requirements for finance their main consideration when dealing with you. We will offer you various options during the consultation and, will ensure that the loan you decide on is not unsuitable for you.

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